New plan for the Trust

The Trustees of the LSA Charitable Trust have agreed a new strategy for funding from 2012. Alongside the ongoing commitment to former members and tenants of the Land Settlement Association in need, the Trust is keen to develop its interests in fostering small-scale production horticulture in a changing world. A plan has been agreed to develop longer-term partnerships.

As a consequence, the Trustees are no longer accepting applications for small grants (from October 2012).


2 thoughts on “New plan for the Trust

  1. foph

    i live in Sidlesham, the location of the largest of the LSAs. I have recently been given a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to develop a Heritage Trail based on the development of the LSA in the village.

    I am about to visit the archives at Reading University and our own local Records Office in Chichester. I have been in touch with Abington LSA which produce book of LSA stories and held an LSA day.

    I am not seeking any additional funding. The purpose of this email is to inform you of our project and its aim to preserve the history and heritage of this important and fascinating feature of social engineering. Sidlesham still has all the original properties of its 118 smallholdings as well as a community hut, site of the packing shed, propagation nit and school extension built to accommodate the influx of additional children.

    What would be helpful, however, would the contact details of any of Lsa which may have undertaken similar projects.

    Many thanks,

    Bill (Martin)

  2. Simon Thornton-Wood Post author

    Dear Bill,
    Congratulations on the support you have secured; it sounds like an interesting project. I don’t have information on similar schemes elsewhere, but will be pleased to ask colleagues.
    Simon Thornton-Wood

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